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Francesca Grima "La Chica" (Dance) and Andrej Vujcic (Cajon) Workshops January 2009


About Francesca Grima “La Chica”…..


Francesca studied classical ballet for 15 years at the Daphne Lungaro Conservatory of Dance in Malta. She began her flamenco training in Sydney under Katia Ruiz, Diana Reyes, Manolo Varela and Antonio Vargas and performed at La Campana for 2 years. In Seville she studied flamenco under the renowned dancers and choreographers Manolo Marin, Matilde Coral, and Carmelilla Montoya and has taken courses with Israel Galvan, Alejandro Granado, Pilar Ogalla, Pilar Ortega, Adela Campallo, Manuel Betanzos and Andres Peña. She currently works as a professional flamenco dancer in Seville performing at Curro Velez's tablao “El Arenal” alongside Carmen Montoya, Carmelilla Montoya, Loli Flores, El Jarillo, and Pili Carmona. Francesca has also performed in other tablaos and peñas in Seville including El Palacio Andaluz, Las Brujas, La Carboneria, La Portada, La Peña Flamenca de Arahal and La Sonanta.

She participated as a soloist and lead dancer in the flamenco productions “Quienes Somos” in 2005 and 2007 alongside Rosario “La Tremendita”, Amador Rojas and Carmen Blanco. She performed as a solo artist in the Festival  “A Compas” in La Sala Endanza with singer Jose “El Tremendo” and guitarist Joselito Acedo.  As part of the Bienal de Sevilla 2006, she participated in “Un Homenaje a La Sevillana” in the theatres of Alcalá de Guadaira and Dos Hermanas. In 2006 Francesca performed alongside Carmelilla Montoya and Quisko de Alcalá  in the Teatro Real in Malta, and she has also performed in the principal role of Carmen Amaya  in Juan Verguillos' production “La Fuente de Carmen Amaya” which took place in Ubeda, Jaen in February 2007. Francesca forms part of the Sevillian company “Sentir Flamenco” where she performs in various productions in Seville and Huelva.

For the past 4 years Francesca has been a soloist in the flamenco company Puerto Flamenco alongside Amador Rojas, Antonio Castro “Antoñete” and  Jesus Herrera performing at the Khamoro gypsy festival in Prague, the Iagori gypsy festival in Norway, Spancirfest in Croatia, Sziget Festival in Hungary, Dom Omladine in Serbia and the Meandria festival in Greece. For the past seven years Francesca has been the lead dancer of Etnikafe- “Fusion de Flamenco y Jazz” touring and performing in prestigious festivals in Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Libya, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

About Andrej Vujicic “Andres” ....


Born in Belgrade 1971, Andrej initiates his international career as a percussionist in Sydney, Australia, performing at the Royal Opera House and various local venues. He moves to Sevilla in the year 2000, where he now resides. In Seville he has collaborated with artists such as Lole Montoya, Manuel Molina, Familia Montoya, Carmelilla Montoya, Carmen Montoya and La negra, Alba Molina, Juan Jose Amador, Enrique El Extremeño, Lalo Tejada,  Eduardo Trasierra, “La Tremendita”, Ana Salazar,  Encarnita Anillo, Joselito Anillo,  Miguel, Paco and Eugenio Iglesias, among others.

He participated alongside Juan Lerida, Tomasa la Macanita and Las Montoyas on TV channel Canal Sur, and recorded four CDs of the Solo Compas series with Carmelilla Montoya, Manuela Rios and Manolo Herrera at the OFS studios in Seville. He performed at the Aichi Arts Centre in Nagoya, Japan as well as touring extensively over four continents participating at important festivals such as Festival de Dusseldorf (2006) and The Montreux Jazz Festival (2004). He participated in the Bienal Del Flamenco 2002 in Seville, accompanying Lole Montoya. He is the percussionist of Carmelilla Montoya, and performed with her at the Feria Mundial del Flamenco in Seville, and the Festival de Jerez 2004, as well as numerous performances in Spain and Europe.

He also forms part of the Maria Serrano company, with which he toured Germany, Purtugal, Hungary, Austria, Norway, Rumania and Denmark, performing at prestigious Budapest Spring Festival, and Klaustinen Festival in Finland. In Spain he performed in Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jerez, Cadiz and Malaga collaborating with Carmelilla Montoya or Eduardo Trassierra.

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