Jaleos Flamenco is dynamic, Brisbane based ensemble that celebrates the passion and grace of flamenco music and dance. Simone Pope (dancer), Andrew Veivers (guitar), and their group bring the intricate rhythms, dazzling footwork and raw energy
of flamenco together in a concert that encompasses both the ancient richness of the traditional and the virtuosity of contemporary flamenco.

Photograph courtesy of Steven B McAlpine



Simone Pope
Guided by some of Spain's finest dancers including La China, Carmela Greco, Concha Vargas, and Belen Fernandez, Simone's contemporary choregraphies transfix the audience with their energy and passion. Simone constantly returns to
Andrew Veivers
Andrew Veivers has been performing, teaching, and studying the Spanish guitar for many years. From the beginning her combined the traditional study of flamenco with the formal training of the classical guitar. After graduating with a Bachelor of Music in Australia he spent 3 years studying and

Photograph courtesy of Vanessa Hilton
Spain to immerse herself in the latest technical and artistic directions of flamenco. In Brisbane, she runs The Flamenco Studio where she teaches and hosts workshops by visiting national and international flamenco professionals. Simone's extensive performance experience has taken her throughout the county, appearing at many World Music and Folk Festivals as well as concert hall and theatres in Australia. performing in London, Madrid and Amsterdam. He has appeared at venues ranging from theatres, galleries, and folk festivals throughout Australia to Classical guitar festivals and chamber music series in the UK and The Netherlands. He is currently based in Brisbane where he directs the Spanish Guitar Studio.
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